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1. Candy
2. The Internet is $++t
3. Don't hug me
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Spoken and written words on the bleeding edge of nonsense and clagophony....

   Short horror stories - Horror stories in two sentences. Creepy!
   News swallow - Puerile nonsense 'news' site
   Who searches this stuff - Bizarre Google search auto-completions
   My housemate's diary - A sneaky peek into someone else's life
   Comedian quotes - Quotes from top comedians
   Gangsta translator - Search for topics, have them displayed gangsta-style.
   Real ultimate power - Facts about ninjas
   Rules of the Internet - Bet you didn't know it was so complicated.
   Caver - This is creepy
   Dragomir's diary - Days in the life of Dragomir
   Pointless sites - Pointless sites - our sister site. A plethora of pointlessness.
   post secret - Other peoples' secrets
   The Internet is $++t -
   Brad: the game - Text-based multiple-choice adventure
   Chat up lines - Ha! Aka Pick up lines
   Funny signs - ....
   You are a - Click the words to find out what you are.
   FmyLife - You thought your life was bad....
   xmas disaster - Christmas stories
   Koneke - "My Samurai-squad owns your Headgear-Necrophiles."
   Tiny Things I Hate - An irritated person's blog
   Lobotoblog - Strange musings
   Things I did last night - ...
   Picture is Unrelated - Picture is... unrelated.
   Facts on Farts - All you ever wanted to know about farts
July's TOP 10
1.  News swallow
2.  Twerkball
3.  My housemate's diary
4.  Jack Chop
5.  Album covers
6.  Short horror stories
7.  U can't touch this
8.  Worst plays in the world
9.  Reptilians
10.  BoredSmash

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