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Disturbing Sites

Sites to make you go "Eewww!" - or maybe "Bleaarrrghh!" - or maybe just "Meh."
What??????? Disturbing nausia on steroids....

   Jack Chop - Careless cooking
   Album covers - Yugoslavian album covers
   Sleep talk recorder - Listen to what people say in their sleep
   Guys American Kitchen and Bar - Mmm... tasty!
   can-your-pet - Is this game really as cutesy as it appears? Play to the end...
   mutilate-a-doll - Extreme ragdoll physics. Spacebar to create doll.
   Custom Creature Taxidermy - Creepy hybrid stuffed creatures
   moobs - Marvellous man boobs.
   Robot Chicken Gummy Bear - I'm so happy 'cos I'm a gummy bear...
   Prime number shitting bear - A fascinating mathematical demonstration. With sound effects.
   Kado - Bla bla bla rawraraghgh
   Death by hinge - Kinda like Pingu Extreme, but with a hinge. And it's not a penguin.
   5-second films - Films that last for just 5 seconds.
   Zombies ate my phone - Brains... brains...
   Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes - Mascara doesn't help
   Body Bread - Dude, you're a total bread head.
   Rainbow Puke - Spewing Spectra
   Secretly fart - Secretly fart to score points
   Effing Worms - Play as a gigantic killer worm and eat anything which stands in your path!
   I love noodles - How much do you love them?
   World's most dangerous creature - Check out part 2 too.
   Make my head grow - Use the arrow keys
   Don't pick your nose - Ew!
   Spewer - A game about puking
   Hoodthong - Essential fashion
   Ragdoll Avalanche 2 - Gruesome ragdoll physics
   Facts on Farts - All you ever wanted to know about farts
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