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Looking to waste some time? This list of pointless 15 plus sites is the complete A to Z list of time wasters. "Waste of time" I hear you say... YES!, it is! A staggering, useless and mammoth complete pointless waste of time. Start at the top... This site was launched 28 October 2011.
The complete list of 15 plus sites listed in alphabetical order...

   5-second films - Films that last for just 5 seconds.
   9 Eyes - A collection of Google streetview images
   Acid bunny - Help the bunny to repair his friend
   Album covers - Yugoslavian album covers
   Amazing Horse - Sweet lemonade...
   ASDF Movie - ASDF Movie
   Badger - How to install Linux on a Dead Badger
   Body Bread - Dude, you're a total bread head.
   BoredSmash - Things to do to avoid boredom
   Brad: the game - Text-based multiple-choice adventure
   Butt dance - Shake it.
   cachemonet - arty music video
   Candy - Candy the magic dinosaur. Check out episodes 2, 3 and 4 too.
   can-your-pet - Is this game really as cutesy as it appears? Play to the end...
   Caver - This is creepy
   Chat up lines - Ha! Aka Pick up lines
   Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes - Mascara doesn't help
   Christmas game - !! cut ropes
   Clicking bad - Browser version of Breaking Bad
   Coin placing... - quirky game
   Comedian quotes - Quotes from top comedians
   Commander Pants 1 - He wants to be a rock star
   Custom Creature Taxidermy - Creepy hybrid stuffed creatures
   Death by hinge - Kinda like Pingu Extreme, but with a hinge. And it's not a penguin.
   Do Not Touch - Crowdsourced music video
   Dog paradox - Comic strip from The Oatmeal
   Don't hug me - ...
   Don't pick your nose - Ew!
   Don't shit your pants - A survival horror game. Text based.
   Dragomir's diary - Days in the life of Dragomir
   Dream Camera - It's all a bit creepy
   Effing Worms - Play as a gigantic killer worm and eat anything which stands in your path!
   Explosions and boobs - Err... explosions. And boobs.
   Explosm - Cyanide & Happiness
   Facts on Farts - All you ever wanted to know about farts
   FmyLife - You thought your life was bad....
   Funny signs - ....
   funswitcher - Click the switches to mix and match hundreds of sound loops. (Not IE8)
   Gangsta translator - Search for topics, have them displayed gangsta-style.
   Guys American Kitchen and Bar - Mmm... tasty!
   Hand thing - nutters!
   Hipster Bingo - Entertain yourself at the next gig you go to.
   Homerun in Berzerk Land - Like Pingu Extreme, but with a geek.
   Hoodthong - Essential fashion
   I love noodles - How much do you love them?
   Ignite people on fire - Do you have an intense burning desire?
   Jack Chop - Careless cooking
   Kado - Bla bla bla rawraraghgh
   Keep Busy - Vids :)
   Knives in hands - Photos with knives photoshopped in.
   Koneke - "My Samurai-squad owns your Headgear-Necrophiles."
   Light people on fire - Do you have a burning desire?
   Lobotoblog - Strange musings
   Make my head grow - Use the arrow keys
   Men's room monologue - The perils and pitfalls of the Men's Room.
   Men's room monologue - All you ever wanted to know about Men's rooms
   MoanMyIP - Finding your IP address has never felt so good.
   Modern Living - Modern Living/Neurotica
   moobs - Marvellous man boobs.
   mute - Animation about mouthless people
   mutilate-a-doll - Extreme ragdoll physics. Spacebar to create doll.
   My housemate's diary - A sneaky peek into someone else's life
   News swallow - Puerile nonsense 'news' site
   Palace of chairs - Guess who's back?
   Pencil - creepy weird film about a girl and a pencil
   Perfectly timed photos - Action caught at exactly the right moment.
   Picture is Unrelated - Picture is... unrelated.
   Pingu Extreme - Can you beat 960? No, I thought not....
   Pointless sites - Pointless sites - our sister site. A plethora of pointlessness.
   Poor hamster - It's tough being a hamster.
   post secret - Other peoples' secrets
   Presidential Pick up lines - from all centuries...
   Prime number shitting bear - A fascinating mathematical demonstration. With sound effects.
   ptikobj - Bizarre animation
   Ragdoll Avalanche 2 - Gruesome ragdoll physics
   Rainbow Puke - Spewing Spectra
   Real ultimate power - Facts about ninjas
   Rejected - Bizarre cartoons
   Reptilians - Deadly invisible shape-shifting aliens are among us!
   Robogran - Duck?
   Robot Chicken Gummy Bear - I'm so happy 'cos I'm a gummy bear...
   Robot Pirates - We are the robot pirates!
   Robots are our friends - ...mostly harmless.
   Rules of the Internet - Bet you didn't know it was so complicated.
   Scrape Scraperteeth - or the crushing punch/slap/stab of real estate madness.
   Secretly fart - Secretly fart to score points
   Shoes and Kittens - When you've had enough explosions and boobs.
   Short horror stories - Horror stories in two sentences. Creepy!
   Sleep talk recorder - Listen to what people say in their sleep
   Soft toy mistreatment - This is where unloved teddy bears end up.
   Soundboard - Beyonce's sounds at your fingertips
   Spewer - A game about puking
   stfu - STFU!
   SuperLOL - Just pictures.
   Swat 2 - Tactical sniper
   Tashorama - An Inter-active Moustache-orama
   The best 404 page - Refresh for more...
   The End - A morbid platformer, set in some kind of afterlife.
   The End - How the world might end
   The house 2 - Very creepy point and click adventure. Not for the faint-hearted.
   The Internet is $++t -
   The Meta picture - Pictures to chuckle over
   Things I did last night - ...
   Tiny Things I Hate - An irritated person's blog
   Twerkball - Help Miley twerk that ball
   U can't touch this - ...Peter Griffin style
   unomoralez - Odd art
   Who searches this stuff - Bizarre Google search auto-completions
   World's most dangerous creature - Check out part 2 too.
   Worst plays in the world - Well, they're strange, but not that bad...
   WriteTube - Write messages, read other people's messages
   xmas disaster - Christmas stories
   You are a - Click the words to find out what you are.
   z-biters - Zombie comic
   Zombies ate my phone - Brains... brains...
   ZOMG Zufall! - Refresh for more
September's TOP 10
1.  News swallow
2.  My housemate's diary
3.  WriteTube
4.  Twerkball
5.  Acid bunny
6.  Jack Chop
7.  SuperLOL
8.  Album covers
9.  Who searches this stuff
10.  Soundboard


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